onsdag 10 januari 2007

Status of Heimdal and Samba integration

After more then a year of hard work from me, Andrew Bartlett and the rest of the samba folks we have finally merged all major changes from the Samba tree into Heimdal. The diff between the two tree are now less the 400 lines which is nothing compare to the 50000+ line diff that we ended up with from the begining.

Heimdal have grown itself new subsystem, the PAC handling, and hooks for processing in other application and improvements to GSS-API.

In the future I'll work on canonicaliztion since this is the next big item. It already exists in the KDC and Kerberos library today, but it needs to expanded to support all the new functionallity that a domain controller require. To be able to support this I'll need to a large regression test to test how the canonicalization actully works in Windows and along with that come many new tests how Windows deals with Kerberos.

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