onsdag 4 juli 2007

Symbol versioning

I've started to add symbol versioning to heimdal libraries to avoid exporting symbols all over the place.

 This have some bad side effekts. As usual there is not just one format for the file. The gnu ld one is what I currently support, so I have to munch the gnu file and produce a flat-file too (for Mac OS X).

 The other that is causing more problems is that its no longer possible to unit test internal functions, because libraries that no longer export those symbols. Right now I have no real solution to the problem. One is to build a library without symbol versoning and test with that. Other is to just build that module, but that doesn't work with libtool since libtool requires object files to be of the same type. Ie a object can't belong to a binary and a library at the same time. Beloning to to  two library or two binaries are fine though. But building two files doesn't really appeal to me, I'm waiting long enough as it is already. Currently I just export the function and hope that consumers wont use them.

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