fredag 21 september 2007


I have started to merge the Samba GSS-API change from Andrew Bartlet and Stefan Metzmacher. As part of that work I have completed most of the basic work of my clone of gssmaggot/gssmaster that David Christansson (Microsoft) have written.

 The problem with gssmaster is that its not released in source-code format, so I wrote my own client (gssmask) and server (gssmaestro). gssmaestro is not as complete that I wish, but test most of the context and token functionallity in the gss-space.

I plan to use gssmask/gssmaestro to test with gssmaggot, this way I can make sure I don't break anything, and at the same time still work with Microsofts and MIT gssapi implementations. This is what we do for the interrop events, but usually with new and shiny code.

There is also a new regression test that uses the gssmask/gssmaestro test program in heimdal/tests/gss directory and its hooked up to the regular automake regression tests, so hopefully I wont break the basic gss-api functions ever again.

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